Intermountain West Data Warehouse

Data Analysis Tools

The Western Air Quality Study develops state-of-the-art photochemical grid modeling products to support studies assessing air quality in the intermountain west. The IWDW provides data, documentation, and evaluation products for modeling platforms developed by the WAQS, state and federal agencies. The data and tools on the IWDW are available to WAQS Cooperators and the public.

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Sources for ambient air quality monitoring data, including meteorology data and special studies active during 2014.

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Meteorological inputs to WAQS AQ models. WRF output from 2014 EPA and WAQS modeling are available!

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Emissions inputs to WAQS AQ models. Tools and modeling platform files for EPA's 2014 NEIv2 are available!

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Air Quality Modeling

Modeling data from the WAQS, EPA and others. EPA's 2014 GEOS-Chem output are available!

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WAQS modeling and monitoring data analysis. Check it out for MPE tools and Monitoring Network Assessment products.

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A catalog of WAQS modeling documentation, such as MPE reports and TSDs. This is an excellent source of reading material for insomniacs.

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Documentation for WAQS modeling platforms, support for WESTAR-WRAP Work Groups and the 2016 EMP Inventory Collaborative.

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