The National Oil & Gas Information Repository is a national repository for the following types of information: activity data for O&G drilling and production; hydrocarbon containing geologic formations; emission factors and chemical composition by facility and equipment type; emissions inventories; emissions modeling; tools for data access, inquiry and analysis; regulatory programs; NEPA planning process; literature articles and reports on the "state of the science" of O&G emissions inventories and emissions modeling.

Background and Definitions

The Committee formed in 2012 under the leadership of EPA's OAQPS, CenSARA, MARAMA, and WESTAR/WRAP to initially help states improve their oil and gas sector emissions inventories for the 2011 NEI, rather than rely on outdated 2008 NEI data. The Committee has since morphed into a collaboration of public agencies, led by the states, to advance and improve the quality, completeness, and representativeness of oil and gas activities and related emissions.

The Committee held a Summit with EPA on November 4-5, 2014 , which resulted in a commitment by the attendees to address identified issues and gaps. One recommendation was to develop and maintain a one-stop web page for committee members to get the latest information about data resources, regulations, tool updates, research studies, and Committee activities. The Western Regional Air Partnership and Intermountain West Data Warehouse project agreed to host the web page.