Oil & Gas 101

Resources and primers to help people start learning about oil and gas emissions and related air quality management issues. The content is geared toward professionals in state, local, and tribal environmental agencies who want to learn about regulations and reporting for oil and gas emissions.
  1. Emissions from Oil & Gas operations
  2. How can States use Oil and Gas emissions inventories
  3. Resources and tools to develop regional emissions inventories
  4. Oil and Gas emissions regulations and policy
    • An Overview of Air Quality Issues in Natural Gas Systems; Richard K. Lattanzio; Congressional Research Service; June 1, 2016; R42986 Congressional Research Service_R42986_Jun2016.pdf
    • Natural Gas STAR Program - The Natural Gas STAR Program provides a framework for Partner companies with U.S. oil and gas operations to implement methane reducing technologies and practices and document their voluntary emission reduction activities. EPA STAR website
  5. Comment section for Planners to describe how they develop emissions inventories for their regions