Emissions Inventory Charting Tool

A visualization tool for EPA's 2014 NEIv2 summary data. Any combination of pollutants and emissions sectors can be displayed on the chart, and state or county map. The maps allow for drilldown to individual state or county data in the chart view. Underlying data for the maps and charts is shown in tabular format. More information on the emissions inventory charting tool is available here. Source data are EPA's county_tribe_allsector data files.
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Filter pollutant list by selected sector(s)

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  • US Total emissions across all states (includes tribal emissions)
  • Tribal Lands Emissions totals across all tribal lands
  • States Emissions totals by state (opens a map view). Note that state totals include "Portable Facilities", which are reported at the state level.
  • Counties Emissions totals by county (opens a map view)
  • Individual Tribal Lands Emissions totals by individual tribe (tabular data and pie chart only)
Filter states or counties by RPO
Note: click on "States" or "Counties" above, then press "Update", to open a Map View.
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